EU Foods
Leading distributors of European food produce in Asia


EU Foods are specialist distributors of ambient, speciality & fine foods in Asia for some of Europe's top producers. Our reach into the Chinese market of some 1.4billion consumers via a network covering over 400 major cities, puts us in a prime position for entry and market coordination of highly sought goods. Whatsmore, our vastly experienced team not only carry out compelte end-to-end logistics, but also in-depth market research, importation documentation & licenses, product re-packaging and local market branding with over 25 years experience in imported produce. Enquire today about how our team of expertise can assist in taking your products to one of the worlds most rapidly growing markets.


Find our about the in-market services we offer, with a experienced team of over 25 years distributing some of Europe's leading producers into a vastly dynamic, profitable & developing market.
Expertise & specialisms across a range of market entry services

Our services stem across a wide number of different verticals.
Logistics & market distribution - offering long-term storage, processing & distribution facilities, covering some 400 major cities spanning some 10million square kilometres of land.
Market research & consumer engagement - a proven track record of cost effective route-to-market for new brands & entry level products.
Repackaging, branding & visual merchandising - marketing expertise at national retail level representing some of the markets largest FMCG portfolios.
Licensing, documentation & compliance support - historical framework & support networks to ensuring product compliance across varying categories.

  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Market analysis & visibility
  • Re-packaging & visual merchandising
  • Licensing & Compliance

Part of the Alibaba Group of companies with expertise in branded & international product ranges.


Popularly known as – China\’s largest B2C platform in terms of transaction volume.


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Interested in distributing your products in Asia - get in touch to speak to one of our export managers: multi-lingual with a wealth of experience across Europe, our team can assist in taking your products into this rapidly growing marketplace.